Orthopedic Medical Billing

Orthopedics covers a wide range of musculoskeletal issues, making this branch of medicine one of the most active medical specialties. Navigating the nuances of orthopedic medical billing is a crucial yet time-consuming process. With ProMD Medical Billing, you gain a trusted partner to complete this task efficiently and correctly. 

We guide you through the complexities of payer and regulatory requirements to eliminate orthopedic billing and coding errors. Our wide range of medical billing services is tailored to your unique needs, and we can integrate them with your existing billing system. 

By outsourcing your medical billing, your orthopedics team can focus on caring for patients and supporting your practice's overall success. 

What Is Medical Billing and Coding for Orthopedics?

Orthopedic medical billing demands a high level of precision and expertise in medical coding practices. Orthopedists are versatile health care professionals adept at treating an extensive range of diseases and conditions.

Effective orthopedic billing requires clear communication with patients' insurance companies to reimburse all the services your orthopedic practice provides. Accurate billing relies on exacting medical coding knowledge. An orthopedist's diagnosis or treatment translates into a numeric code, which is used to make a bill or claim to a patient's insurance company.

Improper use of medical codes can impact the reimbursement process and lead to claim complications. You need an industry expert in medical billing who oversees every aspect of the orthopedic billing process to receive maximum reimbursement.

Our Orthopedic Billing Services

Orthopedic billing is complex. From joint replacements to specialized surgeries, this medical specialty includes diverse and complicated high-cost services. Coding changes and revisions make keeping up with the most current medical coding practices challenging. You need a medical billing company with a deep understanding of your specialty's services. 

ProMD Medical Billing provides personalized revenue cycle management (RCM) services to increase revenue and lower your risk of denials due to issues with billing and coding. Our team leverages decades of medical billing and coding experience, as well as leading expertise in the best practices for orthopedic billing. 

Our services encompass the entire billing cycle to optimize billing for your orthopedic practice.

Orthopedic Billing and Coding

The orthopedic medical billing process requires a thorough understanding of the latest coding changes and guidelines. It also demands the correct use of modifiers, as these additional codes provide important information about a specific service or procedure. Our AAPC-certified team of coding and billing professionals understands the unique nuances associated with orthopedic billing. We are proficient in coding standards such as HCPCS, ICD-10 and CPT.  

Our focused, streamlined processes alert your team to outstanding payments, claim denials and any existing disparities with your insurance reimbursements. Efficient billing and coding solutions mean higher collection rates and better financial health. 

Orthopedic Speciality Practice Assessments

Want to refine your practice's billing processes? We can provide practical guidance to help your orthopedic practice develop strategies for financial improvement.

After a comprehensive practice evaluation that examines your overall performance from a business standpoint, our experts can educate your orthopedic team on best practices encompassing billing and workflow. The result is operational efficiency and optimized revenue. 

Insurance Contracting and Credentialing 

Insurance contracting and credentialing are separate steps orthopedic providers must take to obtain participation contracts with insurance plans. Increase efficiency by letting our professionals streamline the contracting and credentialing process. We can:

Why Choose ProMD Medical Billing for Orthopedic Billing

Our expertise in orthopedics makes us the perfect choice for outsourcing your medical billing. Whether you're just starting out or own an established practice, our expert billing consultants can transform essential billing processes. Here are just a few benefits you will experience when you work with ProMD Medical Billing:

Entrust Your Practice's RCM to ProMD Medical Billing

Specialty knowledge in orthopedics is essential to optimize revenue and ensure the financial stability of your practice. ProMD Medical Billing is an industry leader. We can streamline claim processes and optimize your RCM to ensure you're collecting the maximum revenue you've earned.

Reach out to our team to discuss our medical billing services for orthopedics. 

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