Infectious Disease Billing and Coding

Billing and coding for infectious diseases is a complex process that often requires significant time and resources for medical practices to manage internally. By working with a leading medical billing provider like ProMD Medical Billing, you can streamline this process and give your team more time to focus on other daily tasks.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Infectious Disease Medical Billing

Since each infectious disease practice deals with thousands of pathogens, they must maintain and process different medical codes for each case. One treatment can require multiple methods, meaning a single patient may be under numerous billing codes, increasing the risk of error. As a practice, you must remain on top of billing codes and each patient's treatment journey while simultaneously running your practice, which can lead to distraction and significant billing errors.

Many medical practices find that outsourcing the billing and coding process leads to streamlined operations overall. Infectious disease billing and coding services know exactly what it takes to keep a handle on changing medical codes. Some other benefits of outsourcing your billing and coding services are:

Manage All Aspects of the Billing Cycle

Using incorrect codes during the billing process can lead to denied insurance claims, paperwork and the risk of clients not paying. Outsourcing your billing and coding services is more complex than just getting the right number — it requires you to understand the specific metrics of your practice's revenue stream to encourage your clinic's growth.

At ProMD Medical Billing, we offer the tools and expertise to manage your entire revenue cycle effectively. We understand that increasing your bottom line allows you to continue to provide exceptional services to patients, which is why we aid in monitoring, measuring and managing every aspect of your medical billing cycle. 

Our team will work directly with you to ensure every claim you submit features the correct billing code. We will also follow up with the insurance company for unpaid or denied claims. With us as your partner, you can operate your clinic without coding and billing responsibilities.

Improve Financial Performance

An infectious disease practice's revenue cycle involves multiple parts, requiring a team willing to monitor every transaction to reduce the risk of error. At ProMD Medical Billing, we're happy to handle each part of the revenue cycle for you through services like:

We will provide regular reports on the financial performance of your practice. With these reports, you have the insight to identify improvement areas to increase your practice's profitability. Using our reports can also help you maximize your revenue and support your clinic's financial stability over the long term.

Meet Medical Coding Compliance

The billing and coding process for infectious diseases is highly specialized and requires a team with experience and expertise. Many clinics underestimate how complex it can be and rely on their internal team to handle this billing process, which can result in issues such as unnecessary paperwork and overburdened staff. 

If your clinic frequently experiences avoidable delays and dismissed claims, it may be a sign you should consider outsourcing your billing and coding. At ProMD Medical Billing, our staff are experts in various medical documentation procedures to keep all your medical records accurate and up to date. We will work with you to create solutions that meet your clinic's specific needs and help you get the maximum reimbursement possible. 

Why Choose ProMD as Your Infectious Disease Medical Billing Company

Billing and coding are how your practice gets the correct reimbursement for services. Our specialists can help you keep an accurate record of billing codes so all information is accurate and up-to-date. By helping you stay on top of billing codes, we will save your clinic time and money while allowing you to receive timely payments. Let us handle the specifics of revenue cycle management so you and your staff can focus on the most crucial aspect of any practice — the patients.

Experience Errorless Billing and Coding With ProMD Medical Billing Today

Streamlining the billing process for your practice is easy when you partner with ProMD Medical Billing. One of the many great things about choosing us for your infectious disease billing services is that we will work with your existing technology so you can improve the billing and coding cycle without needing to purchase another software system. Contact us to learn more about our medical billing services or explore our testimonials to see the many ways we've positively impacted practices around the country.

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