About ProMD

ProMD Medical Billing has been providing expert medical billing services since 2004. Our medical billing company is composed of an array of revenue cycle management (RCM) professionals, including certified medical billers and coders with more than 20 years of professional medical billing service experience. Our goal is to provide fast and accurate claim processing without sacrificing service. We strive to be every bit as accessible and responsive as any in-house medical billing staff, but without the expenses and operational headaches.

Our expert medical billing services take on the burden of all insurance and patient billing, keep up to date with all reimbursement and policy changes, make sure you are paid promptly and correctly, and help you increase reimbursements. As a medical billing outsourcing company, we have helped our clients grow their business by providing them with the resources they need to succeed while maintaining a competitive edge in today’s industry.

ProMD Medical Billing offers medical billing services to physicians and medical practices across the U.S. Our staff is 100 percent based in the United States. We provide both small and large medical practices with a complete medical billing solution including charge capture, insurance claim submission, denial management, accounts receivable (A/R) follow up, insurance payment posting, patient statement billing, and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting. Our medical billing company will work in conjunction with your EMR system.

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