Medical Billing Services in Florida

As a physician, you know that an accurate and efficient billing process is crucial. The various tasks involved in medical billing can be time-consuming, pulling focus away from what matters most — providing quality patient care. 

At ProMD Medical Billing, we offer a range of medical billing services to help optimize revenue and ensure the financial health and success of your practice. We can even use your existing billing system and tailor our solutions to your needs. 

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Our Florida Medical Billing Services

We provide comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions designed to streamline administrative tasks, enhance revenue, and reduce the costs associated with billing and coding errors. Our team leverages decades of experience to provide medical billing and coding services that help both large and small practices become more profitable and efficient.

Our medical billing services encompass various stages of the billing cycle, from charge capture to claim denial management. Explore our medical billing services for small practices and large practices.

Medical Billing and Coding

Our certified team of billers and coders is well-versed in the complexities of the medical billing process. We work to eliminate errors in claims and ensure compliance by using our knowledge of ever-changing rules and regulations — including CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS coding standards.  

Beyond enhancing the billing process, our services enable you to stay on top of outstanding payments, denied claims and any disparities with insurance reimbursements. Our team can help your practice achieve a higher collection rate, improving cash flow and overall financial health. 

Practice Assessments 

We perform full-scale practice evaluations that examine a range of processes and performance. Our professionals will review various parts of your practice, from billing to workflows. We'll identify the areas in which you excel and those with room for improvement to optimize revenue and operational efficiency. 

As medical billing experts, we have worked with practices with a multitude of specialties. We have the expertise to provide accurate assessments and help you develop effective strategies for improvement. 

Insurance Credentialing and Contracting

Insurance contracting and credentialing are necessary processes for all providers, and they require significant time and effort. Our expert team can help you streamline contracting and credentialing, enabling you to focus on building your practice.

We will help you finalize the credentialing process, ensuring you have all the documents that insurance companies and payors need for verification. Our team will also confirm the information is accurate and error-free before submission. We'll use our industry relationships to negotiate reimbursement rates, obligations and responsibilities while making sure you sign a contract that aligns with the quality of your service. 

The Benefits of Our Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing medical billing services near Miami can be beneficial, especially for small practices with limited staff. Our physician medical billing services help reduce errors, improve collections and boost revenue while saving you time and money. When you choose ProMD Medical Billing, you can benefit from: 

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As an industry expert in medical billing, ProMD Medical Billing has the knowledge and skill to help you streamline your medical billing and revenue cycle management. Contact us today to learn more about medical billing services in Florida and throughout the U.S. 

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