Cheer Up! Your Kids Will Turn Into Excellent Physicians

As students are going back to school, many parents who work in the medical field may be wondering whether their children would pursue the medical field and if they would actually make good physicians when they grow up. Studies have shown that only 40 percent of physicians would even recommend the career path of a physician to their kids, after all.

Cheer Up! Your Kids Will Turn Into Excellent Physicians

One of the worries that many of the more experienced physicians of today have is that the next generation of physicians are to embrace a value based healthcare system and whether or not they may be as willing to sacrifice as much time and effort to treating their patients. After all, many physicians work long hours to ensure that their patients get the care that they need.

In a way, this is a bit of a misconception. It’s not that the new generation is unwilling to put the work in that’s required. Judging by the effort that they put into their studies, they are more than willing to work. In fact, it’s obvious that they are more than willing to go the extra mile to provide patient care first. However, with the amounts of technology being implemented and the focus on documentation being raised, the physician-patient relationship is at risk. They will have to make a conscientious decision to establish a balance between the two. What they want, however, is to be able to live a balanced life. They desire to have a personal life outside of work.

The work that’s required as a physician hasn’t stopped students from applying to medical schools; they continue to grow rapidly and there have been plenty of applicants. One of the main reasons for this is due to how the medical field has changed.

Physicians are no longer on an island, taking care of their patients all on their own. Medical practice is much more team oriented, which not only relieves some of the burden from physicians’ shoulders, but also ensures better care to have as healthy patients as possible. This also allows physicians to provide the care their patients need without having to sacrifice their personal life. The ability to have a balanced life means that they could be less prone to mistakes and more focused when on the job.

The physicians of tomorrow will still retain the trusting relationships with their patients that physicians have always had in the past. But they will now have a team of providers and support staff backing them up.

The next generation of physicians looks to be just as dedicated as previous ones, which means there’s nothing to worry about.

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