Dermatology Medical Billing

Running a dermatology practice comes with several elements to track, manage and submit. Keeping client notes updated, performing quality care, listening to patient concerns and providing scheduling are only a few tasks that are regularly handled in one day.

When administrative duties take you away from fully focusing on your patients, this can become a problem. ProMD Medical Billing provides quality and thorough dermatology billing services so you can spend more time on the vital aspects of being a dermatologist — such as patient care.

Understanding the Importance of Dermatology Medical Billing Services

Dermatology practices face billing and coding techniques and terms that are unique to their medical field. In order for your practice to increase its revenue, you must be experienced in these billing and coding practices to avoid potentially costly errors. See below to further understand why dermatology medical billing and coding services are so vital to your practice.

Dermatology-Specific Medical Billing

Medical billing directly relates to revenue cycle management (RCM), ensuring your practice gets paid the correct amount for its services. Many medical billing services encompass several conditions, and you must be familiar with their distinctions — such as the difference between malignant and benign, as these are coded differently.

Dermatology-specific billing needs to account for the difference between cosmetic and medically necessary procedures. Cosmetic procedures improve the skin's appearance but do not treat a condition, so most health insurances will not cover it. Medically necessary practices are usually covered by insurance. In these cases, medically necessary procedures will be billed to the patient's insurance, while cosmetic procedures will be billed directly to the patient.

Staying up to Date With Billing Codes and Services

Medical billing in dermatology can be broken down into two appropriate categories — Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes. As we discussed above, insurance providers will need accuracy in these codes, as they will check that all procedures are medically necessary. 

The distinction between the codes looks like this:

Proper Documentation

Documentation drives medical billing and coding services and determines several practice-related factors, including:

What to Look for in a Dermatology Medical Billing Company

When searching for a dermatology billing company to run coding, reimbursements and other administrative duties, you need one you can trust. Trustworthiness can be found in the experts who are:

Why Choose ProMD Medical Billing?

At ProMD Medical Billing, we have all the criteria above to be experts in our field. When you partner with us, you will benefit from our:

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