Perinatal Medical Billing

If you want a billing department that increases your collection rate while accurately dealing with claims, perhaps it is time to outsource your perinatal medical billing to experts. As a mature medical billing company, ProMD Medical Billing has the know-how to increase your practice's profits while you offer your expert care to mothers and infants. 

Outsourcing Your Practice's Perinatology Medical Billing

Medical billing can be demanding and challenging, but involving a billing specialist can streamline billing, making the process pain-free. A third-party billing specialist can:

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How ProMD Medical Billing Can Help

Our team works to ensure you receive timely payments for any perinatal services your practice provides. Our billing services include: 

We also offer key performance indicator reports, where we put together monthly insights into your practice's financial performance so you can continue improving.

Why Choose ProMD Medical Billing for Your Perinatal Facility?

Since 2004, ProMD Medical Billing has garnered expertise by working with various health care facilities nationwide, and we work with small to multi-location health care practices. Our staff is well-versed in handling medical billing for maternal-fetal medicine. 

Throughout our years in the billing industry, we've accumulated a talented, USA-based team fully certified to meet your billing needs. Our team is big enough to deal with perinatal billing complexities yet small enough to offer your facility personable service.

We've repeatedly increased our clients' monthly revenue by up to 20% within 90 days, and the perinatal field is no exception. ProMD Medical Billing offers:

Enjoy a Streamlined Billing System

With accurate billing, a high collection rate and a 99% first-pass rate, ProMD Medical Billing offers superb billing services. Our award-winning billing management can free up your time so you can attend to your patient's needs. If you want an improved billing system, contact us online or call us today.

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