How To Prevent Physician Burnout

Half of All Doctors on the Verge of Burnout

Research conducted throughout the last ten years has pointed to an increasing level of burnout among medical students and doctors in residency. These students and residents are becoming burned out over the course of their training and experiencing physical and emotional exhaustion, a loss of empathy for patients, and serious second thoughts about their career choices.

Physician Burnout

Now the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has published a study that focused on burnout among practicing physicians. It turns out that doctors are just as likely to succumb to burnout as medical students. Burnout among doctors is characterized by the same exhaustion and loss of empathy, but can be considered more dangerous since, unlike medical students and residents, physicians are generally not closely supervised.

Front Line Physicians Face Greatest Risk

In the study of over 7,000 physicians, almost half described feelings of emotional exhaustion, detachment from their patients and a lack of feelings of personal and professional accomplishment. When compared to questionnaire responses from people who work in unrelated fields, it was found that doctors are more likely to suffer from burnout. In the majority of cases, a connection was made with incidence of burnout and working on the front lines of health care; namely general medicine, family medicine and emergency medicine. Meanwhile, hours worked appeared to have little influence.

In the study a high proportion of doctors described many of the same frustrations and concerns. The limited time available to spend with each patient was a leading complaint. Practicing physicians are also frustrated by changing rules and new administrative tasks set by insurance companies and restrictions on what treatments and medications can be offered to patients. These factors can lead to a lack of meaning for doctors in their work.

Steps to Take to Avoid Physician Burnout

Some things, like the changing health care insurance landscape, are out of doctors’ control. There are, however, steps that can be taken to reduce the stress of running a medical practice and hopefully reduce the chance of getting burned out on treating patients.

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